Hello and welcome to the on-line home of New Covenant Christian Church's Youth Ministry.  The goal of NCCC is to provide youth with a place where they feel accepted and safe, where they can learn and grow, and where they can develop their Christian faith. We focus on more than hearing the Christian message. We act on our faith by doing service (outreach), study, community building/Fellowship and worship so youth experience what it means to be a follower of Christ.
12000 N. Rockwell, Oklahoma City
Sunday, April 15th
8:30am 10:45am | Worship Service
9:30pm NC3Youth

Wednesday, April 18th
7:30am |Haven High School Breakfast
5:30pm |Dinner & NC3Youth
5:50pm |CYF (8th - 12th gr.)
  CHI RHO (5th-7th gr.) 

Haven High School Breakfast...
Wednesdays @ 7:30am
(When school is in session)

What's  Happening...
Jamaica Mission Team
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